Sydney No. 9 – Circular Quay and “the Toaster”

One-a-day posting No. 09 – Circular Quay and the Toaster. This shot was taken from the steps of the Sydney Opera House looking back towards Circular Quay. The building in the foreground is unaffectionately called “the Toaster” by Sydney-siders – it’s fairly universally revilled by the locals because it messes up some of the traditional Sydney iconic vistas (like the Bridge and Opera House). Personally, I think it’s okay. Sara and I were invited by a friends-of-a-friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend to a fantatastic New Year’s party in the Toaster – we were eye-level with the Bridge and had fab views of the fireworks.

On a technical front – the shot was taken at the wide end of my 17 – 35mm lens. This meant that in the original shot all the buildings started to converge in the sky due to lens distortion…..thankfully corrected by software.

Sydney 009 - Circular Quay


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