Storm over Sandy Cove

In March we went to see friends Rob and Fi in Dublin – and old renunion of college people. Bit of a wet weekend – although we had some dazzling periods of sunshine. This was taken on the pier of Dun Laoghaire towards Sandy Cove.

Storm over Sandy Cove


7 thoughts on “Storm over Sandy Cove

  1. I don’t think we have a specific name for them in the UK or Ireland – but we certainly had a storm shortly after this shot! We saw similar things whilst we were in Sydney in December 2006 – but unfortunately they were not recorded in the one-a-day series for Sydney. Did you check these posting out – there were about 16 or 17 photos about 3-4 weeks ago?……

  2. I had a look and you’ve got some nice stuff there. I also noticed that you said you ate at the fancy fish restaurant at Watson’s Bay. It’s called “Doyles” and it’s well known here, as an over priced and over rated disappointment well past it’s heyday.

    The really good places to eat here in Sydney, if you want something really special are “XO” and the world famous “Tetsuyas”.

    By the way, the birds that you’ve named “Cockatiels” are in fact “Sulfer Crested Cockatoos”. The cockatiel is similar in colour to the Cockatoo but about a quarter of the size.

  3. Cool. Thanks for the correction re. cockatiels and cockatoos! Never was much of a bird fancier, so to speak.

    Doyles was as you described – but a nice location, nevertheless. Tetsuyas was on the list of places to eat – but fully booked over the Christmas period…..

  4. I think you mean Sulphur-Crested Cockatoos (Cacatua galerita).
    A flock of these birds were released in Hong Kong in 1941 when the Japanese invaded and most were still there in 1989. They are the most bad-tempered birds in the world!

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