Hong Kong 1946 – HK University

This is the last of the 1946 series – this time of the Hong Kong University building. Not sure where it’s located or how the damage was sustained, but I’m sure the regular blog commentators will fill in the details!

Since I started this series, I’ve received photos from other sources – if there’s interest I’ll  post some of these too….let me know.

HK 1946 - HKU


3 thoughts on “Hong Kong 1946 – HK University

  1. The building in question is the Main Hall of the University (my alma mater) located at the junction of Pokfulam Rd and Bonham Rd. The building is called Loke Yew Hall. It was used as a hospital during WWII and survived the war reasonably intact. The picture showing the roof trusses exposed would be part of the re-construction work after the war. The Main Hall is still existing and has numerous extensions around it.

  2. The island immediately to the left of the clock tower is Tsing Yi Island. Lantau would be even further to the left of Tsing Yi just outside the picture. Of course, there is the new suspension bridge linking Tsing Yi with Lantau. Stonecutters Island is just above the turret to the right of the clock tower………this is no longer an island because of the extensive reclamation and is now used as a naval base for the People’s Liberation Army (supposedly to replace the old HMS Tamar).

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