Phone box

I bought a couple of photos in Covent Garden just before Christmas – of red London buses and phone boxes on black and white backgrounds. Probably end up on the wall in our downstairs loo as they go with the red colour scheme….

I decided to give it a try myself – on one of my old shots of a phone box. Here’s my effort….

Red on grey


2 thoughts on “Phone box

  1. Like the london red idea. How about a single jacket, scarf, tie in a crowd, union jack red only, Red Eric, Red Adair (not very london, that), Roses are red, red lipstick, red nails. Leave IN the redeye — oooo, scary. Poppies.

  2. Thanks, Alison. I got some of the ideas (like scarfs, poppies, etc.) but not the Red Adair one. Largely because I think he’s Texan. Check out the upcoming posts. If you’re going to do a similar thing at your end, choose a primary colour, ensure that the background is interesting and play with the depth-of-field (by setting your aperture appropriately – email me if you need to understand the theory). Also you’ll need to have Photoshop (or similar) to do the black-and-white treatment.

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