London red – photo series

I’ve started compiling a potential theme for my next exhibition – “London Red”. Basically the idea is that I shoot topics that have the very London-iconic “signal red” colour in them – and then convert all the photo except the red into black and white. This makes the red really stand out. I’ve thought of a number of ideas for photos (London buses, telephone boxes, post boxes, etc.) but would welcome any more suggestions.

This is a shot taken today – without the black-and-white treatment…..Telephone boxes


6 thoughts on “London red – photo series

  1. Thanks for the positive comments! Surprisingly, I’ve not done the black-and-white thing on this one yet…’s just a rather dull (typically London) backdrop! Actually Charing Cross station for those that know London. Rgds.

  2. nice one Dave. Maybe I should try something similar in California. We are having dull grey days at the moment so the lighting would be right. We don’t have the red that you guys have though, our mail boxes are a very dull navy blue. I shall look around for inspiring colors.

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