London Red – Post box

London Red - Post box


4 thoughts on “London Red – Post box

  1. I walked right outside this pub just yesterday but didn’t have time to take a pic. This is so much better than any I would have taken myself anyway 馃檪

  2. Thanks for the beautiful photos. Could we use this photo on our website (we are offering a lecture on Sherlock Holmes) with the necessary attribution and link back to your site? Regards, Christine

    • Hi Christine:

      Thanks for the interest in my photos. I’d be happy for you to use my photo for your website, subject to the following:

      1 The image is not manipulated in anyway – other than moderate cropping.

      2 The image is used only on your website – and not on any other media.

      3 The image is recognised as my work and has the link-back and attribution as you mention.

      4 You pay a very nominal sum of 25 to contribute to my camera- equipment related debt!

      5 You send me a link to your website.

      If you’re ok with that – then please send a cheque to the address below. I’m assuming that the image on my blog is sufficiently sized for a web site – if not let me know and I’ll send a larger version.


      David Morgan | Director | tressillian consultants | | 106 Tressillian Road, LONDON, SE4 1XX | 07736 769848 | skype: tressillian106 | |

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