Billy Tingle in Shanghai

Some of you may recall a series of photos of Hong Kong taken in 1946 that I posted to this site many months ago. Of particular interest was the photo of Central district and the old Cricket Club – including memories of Billy Tingle’s exercise classes for chilrden.

Moses Katz has very kindly reproduced some pages from the Public & Thomas Hanbury School For Boys in Shanghai where Billy Tingle was the Sports Master before the war. Here are some of the photos…..

More photos to follow…..


25 thoughts on “Billy Tingle in Shanghai

  1. I would love to see more photos of Public and Thomas Hanbury School for Boys. My father, uncles and cousins went to this school. My father is 86 years of age and would be delighted to view more photos, as all his were lost in the bombing of Shanghai in 1937 and his family and extended family POWs

    • My brother and I both went to Public and Thomas Hanbury school for boys I am 87 yrs old so I gues your father and I would have been in the same of one class appart. He taught me boxing and physical exercises and I can remember him giving me a medal for performing the exeercisesbest in school which I guess didnt mean much as there werenot many in the school anyway but Im sure he was very good at instilling into boys good sportsmanship and to stand up for youself and the benifits of being fit. My father retired from the Shanghai Municipal Police in 1939 after 25 yrs sserviceand we came to Sydney . After serving in the AIF 1942/1946 and then DCA till 1982 haver been retired till now in the CentralCoast Avoca each Sydney I do have some photos of school sports there. Unfortunately there were very few English boys went to that school, most iof them went to the Cathedral school for boys and girls,best wished to you your father and family ……..from Jack Lovell…..

      • Jack i would love to talk to you about my uncle, Billy Tingle.

        I don’t live far from you. Sandra

      • Hello Jack, Just returne from this blog. My father’s name is James Dunk. His brother Peter Dunk attended this school. He also had a large extended family the name of Crank and his uncles Duncan, Sidney,Arthur also attended the school along with some other cousins. His grandfather was in the Shanghai Municipal Council and many uncles were in the Shanghai Municipal Police including his father Charles Dunk who was in the police for a couple of years in 1922 to 1926. One Uncle was shot and killed by his own men in a raid in 1940. My fathers family moved to Malaya in 1938 after their house was bombed by the Japanese. The extended family of about 60 were all interned in Shanghai and my father and grandfather had joined the Malay Volunteer Force and were captured in Singapore, and were in Changi and the Burma railway. His mother and brother escaped on the last ship out of Singapore and were repatriated to England. However my grandmothers family had been in Shanghai since the 1880s. This extended family settle in Australia, New Zealand, USA and England. Dad also remembers Billy Tingle.

      • Hi, I was just scanning the net for family history when I saw your letter,this is a long shot but was your father Jim Lovell originally from Bedford U.K. ? If so he was brother my late grandfather John Robert Lovell. As I said it,s a long shot but worth a try.
        Regards Phil Lovell,Spalding U.K.

      • Hi Phil. yes I think you great grandfather was one of my fathers brothers I do now know the names of all lhis brothers but I remember one was Maurice . I know my fathers brothers sons were kpart of the boxing Lovells well know in those days you possibly have heard off them as one Archy was very good a knock out artist ha ha worth following up lets know how you go ……Jack.

      • I think my grandfather was brother to your dad. His name was Joseph Lovell and his brothers were: Ernest, James, Robert? possibly first name John, Harry, Maurice. He also had 3 sisters: Hilda, Louie and Vera. My mum remembers relatives coming to visit from Australia when she was a child and remembers being a bit annoyed that they couldn’t get her name right as her uncle kept calling her Sheila!! Her aunt had a big fur coat that she wore all the time even though my mum thought the weather was quite warm. Maurice was in the guards and left to join the Shanghai Police returning to the UK in 1939 after being blinded in an air raid. He went on to train “spies” in unarmed combat before they were flown from RAF Tempsford and dropped in occupied France.
        During peacetime he played the bagpipes for which he wrote music in braille, learnt Karate and performed at the London Palladium and won numerous medals for swimming and diving.

      • Hi Christine Yes my dad and mum did visit there , Yes Maurice did do marvelous thinks after he became blind in Shanghai he also was a good runner and won trophies in races in
        shanghai over 1 mile mainly he taught me to horse ride . My wife and I visited Sandy when he was very ill he passed away during the time we were over there . I dont know whether you know my dad was a winner of the DCM in the first world war .Nice hearing from you all the best from Jack and Jack Lovell

      • Hi, I saw your comment on Tressillian Photoblog and feel certain that I am related. My grandfather was John Robert Lovell (known as Bob) born 16th Aug. 1896 Ravensden Beds. His elder brother was James Franklin Lovell along with other siblings Ernest,Joe,Maurice,Louise and Hilda that I know of. Their father was Joseph Lovell and other was Naomi Lovell (nee Newcombe).
        John Robert Lovell had four sons Maurice,John (my father),Eric and Peter. Eric is still alive and lives at Gosberton Lincolnshire U.K. I visited Sandy and Bedford on a couple of occasions with my grandfather and was in contact with his brother Maurice until his death.
        My name is Stuart Philip Lovell and I have a wife Maxine and two children James and Susan and still live on the farm my grandfather founded in 1951 and would be pleased to hear from any relatives of James Lovell who as I recall lived in Sydney and had a son also called James.

  2. Hi, Billy Tingle was my uncle. I have a large photo of a group of pupils in front of the

    Cricket Club with Billy. If any one would like a copy please let me know. I am looking

    for his 2 daughters and family their names are Joyce and Grace.

    If any one can help I would be very grateful or has any stories of Billy.

    I live in Australia. Thank You.

    • Hi Sandra. I dont know if I can tell you much more about my time in Shanghai and know of Billy but I know he used to promote boxing mainly between visiting British navy sailors and boys from the 4th.American marines who were stationed there for many years and from the Shanghai Municiple Police boxers alsooverseas fighters but you probably know all this..All the best……Jack

    • Hi Yes the names Dunk and Krank definately ring a bell as being at the school at the same time as my brother and I were pupils there but its a long time ago and my memory isnt as good as lit used to be ha ha one family Cranfields andHarison were there also the cranfield family came to Ausrtralia after being interned in Shanghai anyway thanks for the information goodd luck and all the best ….Jack

    • Hi Sandra…..I am a nurse in Sydney and I was haveing a chat with one of my clients who remembers Billy Tingle from his youth..He lit up when I googled what I could on Billy and whilst I am trying to download as much as I can for him… more photos and more info on him would be greatly appreciated.
      Cheers Kerrie

    • Hi Sandra,
      Billy Tingle’s two daughters lived in Sydney, although he spoke little about them I do know that he made a trip to Sydney in 1957 staying at the Manley Hotel and was in contact with them. I was at the time only 17 years old not greatly interested but I do know his ex wife moved to Canada, she may have been the girls mother or maybe this was his second marriage. She was a talented painter, my brother Dan has two paintings done by her.

      • Hi Zona,
        I have not been on this site since leaving my last message. It is so sad that Billy Tingle did not keep contact with his family, I cannot understand it at all, as his life has been devoted to training children teaching them good sportsmanship, self reliance and self discipline. The name Billy Tingle is well known throughout the Far East by generation of children he trained in most sports. It was estimated he trained over 30,000 children in all kinds of sport, boxing, hockey, football, gymnastics and swimming. he trained two generations in many families in Shanghai and Hong kong including families from two Hong Kong Governors. Billy Tingle was subsequently awarded an M.B.E. by the Queen for services to Physical training.

  3. Jack, thank you. Yes i know he had titles in boxing. Billy also lived for his “tinglers” a
    patient man,
    There are so many kind stories about him.
    My Grandmother was very close to him. Billy and my Grandmother were one of 9
    children. My Grandfather and Billy were both boxers. best wishes

  4. I was searching the net for ancestry and found myself here. I am Maurice Lovell’s daughter Ann. I believe Christine is my second cousin and also Phil Lovell.
    I was so pleased to read about uncle Jim, your father Jack. I did not know that he had the DCM. I remember him very well, he used to stay with us when I was quite young and used to tell my brother Glen and I marvellous tales of Australia and his travels.
    I am trying to find any information on Naomi Newcombe and her family. I believe there was a Scottish and Lincoln connection somewhere.
    From Ann Frost

    • Hi Ann, I well remember bringing my grandfather John Robert (Bob) down to Sandy and meeting yourself, Glenn and your mum. I met your dad on several occasions over the years and still have a couple of letters that he sent me. Naomi Newcombe was from Sleaford area but I don,t know of any Scottish connection. I do have quite a bit of information on family history so feel free to contact me.
      Phil Lovell – Spalding Lincolnshire

    • Hi Ann
      Naomi Newcomb was my great grandmother. I have a copy of a studio photo of her looking very young and glamorous, her birth marriage and death certificates too. I can email them to you if you are interested. If anyone has any family history info they are prepared to share I would be interested in seeing it.

  5. I have a photograph from Oct 16, 1946 of Billy Tingle with some boys from the shanghai school including my father Norman Turner.

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